Chair’s Message- June 2016



I would like to thank the past chairs/presidents of the Chamber as it has been their direction, leadership and commitment that have brought us to this point in the Chamber’s history. I would also like to recognize our current and past board of directors who have, together with staff, worked hard to deliver the advocacy, membership benefits, high profile recognition events and social networking events. I would also like to mention the tireless efforts of our highly committed and talented staff, with them the advocacy, benefits, magazine and events we all enjoyed were run smoothly and successfully. On a further note without our sponsors most of what we do would not be as effective. Finally, to the New Westminster business community, particularly our members, who support the chamber at all levels by participating on the board and committees, volunteering at events, providing excellent guidance, inviting us into their businesses for networking and fundraising events – thank you.

The New Westminster Chamber of Commerce has a long history of positive engagement with New Westminster businesses and will continue to represent and advocate for our members’ concerns and interests to all levels of government. Advocacy is a major investment for our Chamber and requires a substantial effort to contact our members, business leaders, community leaders, politicians and media when an issue that has potential to significantly impact our members and community.

Events that are produced by the Chamber and its Sponsors have been a delight for many and an excellent networking opportunity for all attendees. Historically, the Chamber events have been well attended, has enabled members to interact with community leaders and provided access to politicians. Our board of directors has seen the benefits of these events and will continue to promote these opportunities for our members.

Member benefits and services offer by the Chamber are second to none. Staff has efficiently and effectively provided relevant and timely communications to members, member services through our office and arranged access to a great benefit plan for members and their employees. We will continue to search for new ways to assist our members grow their business.

Our Chamber has been relevant to many businesses in New Westminster and we will work hard, with our members and potential members, to add to the benefits of being or becoming a member. We need to better engage our members and provide opportunities for them to participate at events, on committees or even on the board of directors. Our accomplishments are a result of the hard work done by our various committees and the success of our members.

Stan Weismiller