Mission Statement

“The Chamber actively promotes a positive business climate that facilitates and nurtures a prosperous community.”

The New Westminster Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst for business people to work together to create a strong and vibrant economy and enhance the quality of life in our community. The Chamber reduces barriers to business, opens new markets for business, provides a cohesive business network and provides programs and services which have a positive impact on your bottom line.


Privacy Policy 2013 (Privacy-Policy-2013.pdf)
Annual Report 2012 (Annual-Report-2012.pdf)
Annual Report 2013 (Annual-Report-2013.pdf)
AGM Report February 26, 2014 (AGM-Report-February-26-2014.pdf)
NWCC Bylaws approved at February 26, 2014 AGM (NWCC-Bylaws-approved-at-February-26-2014-AGM.pdf)
Operational Policy 2013 (Operational-Policy-2013.pdf)
Human Resources Policy 2013 (Human-Resources-Policy-2013.pdf)
Risk Management Policy 2013 (Risk-Management-Policy-2013.docx)