By Miranda Vecchio, Membership and Community Relations Manager


Along with other Chambers of Commerce from within the province, NWCC participated in a conference call on Thursday, November 18th, hosted by the BC Chamber. The purpose of the call was to hear from an organization called *Multi-Material BC who would be providing information about changes to the BC Environmental Management Act that will impact many companies province-wide.


This was the first time however, that any of the participants had heard of MMBC or a recycling regulation that was amended in May 2011 calling for compliance by November 19, 2012. It relates to the recycling of packaging and printed paper supplied to residential consumers, effectively shifting the responsibility from local governments to businesses that introduce PPP into the residential marketplace.


Producers (companies who provide packaging or printed paper to the BC residential consumer) include brand owners, franchisors and first-importers. They or their government-approved Steward (such as MMBC) are required to submit and operate a BC Ministry of Environment – approved stewardship plan. This plan is to include collection, recycling & diversion of items from landfill.


Items that fall under this legislation include: food & consumer packaged goods; personal care products; grocery, drug & mass merchandise retailers; quick service restaurants; newspapers, magazines & directories; banks, financial institutions, insurance & utilities; nursery & floral; and electronics.


Packaging categories include: paper; plastic; steel & other metal packaging; aluminum; and glass. Not included in the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) regulations are: beverage containers; paint cans; antifreeze containers; and oil containers.


Producers /Stewards will be required to fund the following: collection, recycling and processing costs; consumer awareness and public education costs; ongoing operating and administrative costs; research and development costs to address unrecyclable PPP.


The Chamber will be bringing you more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, please visit http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/epd/recycling/


To contact Multi-Material BC, visit: http://www.multimaterialbc.ca


* Multi-Material BC is a not-for-profit agency formed to develop a Ministry of Environment-approved Stewardship Plan to satisfy the requirements of the BC Recycling Regulation for Packaging & Printed Paper.


Braid Street Business Association Calls to Action May 24, 2013


At its May meeting the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors welcomed Mr. Stan Weismiller and Mr. Russ Bain from the Braid Street Business Association.


The Board was unanimous in its support for the “Calls to Action” issued by the businesses in the Braid Street Area and furthermore the Chamber Directors will be participating in a walking tour of the area in the very near future.