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  • 13 Mar 2020 2:37 PM | Anonymous

    Many people are stocking up on supplies and with good reason. While panic is not warranted, prudent preparation is. The economic impact of this pandemic will be painful for many people, but the small businesses who are just getting by may be the hardest hit.  There will likely be a desire for many families to isolate themselves and this could have a disastrous effect on our local economy.

    Our request is that, if you need to shop, we ask you to consider supporting your local small business. 

    Our community is better when it is full of thriving and vibrant small businesses.  They are the ones who support your lacrosse or baseball team and the ones whose families go to local restaurants and shops. 

    Please consider them in the coming weeks and months as the response to COVID-19 unfolds.

    Coming together as a community

    In times of uncertainty there is a tendency for people to isolate themselves and especially considering the implications of being together.  This pandemic, and its financial implications will cause many people a significant amount anxiety and stress for people.

    As a community we have a choice about how this will affect us, now and in the coming weeks and months. We may not see each other face to face as much as we used to, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t need social contact. It is critical for mental health and well being and an important factor in mitigating anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

    We at the chamber encourage you to stay connected with the people you care about through encouraging messages and regular check ins via phone, skype, or other means.. When we fail, we tend to fail alone.  There are a lot of elements of the current situation which we have no control over but if we follow the advice of the health professionals, we will get through this.

    Also, if we continue to support each other as the financial impacts begin to show themselves, we can make sure that no one gives in to despair, and that when we get to the other side of this crisis, we are a stronger community for it.

    What public facing businesses can do

    Public Health officials continue to advise that the risk of infection in Canada remains low but the public is worried. Show that you are taking steps to protect the health of customers and employees.

    Step 1 – Take these actions

    1.     Have hand sanitizer available for your customers.
    2.     Regularly disinfect surfaces, especially commonly touches surfaces like door knobs. Here is a link on how to clean to prevent the spread of the flu. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/school/cleaning.htm
    3.     Make sure that your staff is regularly washing their hands with soap for 20 seconds.
    4.     Instruct your staff to stay home if they are sick.

    Step 2 – Make sure your customers know you are taking these actions

    1.     Print and post signs in your store explaining the steps you are taking to protect their health
    2.     Be seen to be taking the steps (like cleaning surfaces while customers are in the store)
    3.     Communicate on social media the steps you are taking

    Step 3 – Get Creative

    Explore ways to limit exposure for your customers.  Could you do a pick up service where people phone in and you get their order ready for them and they just have to pick it up? Is delivery possible by harnessing Uber, Lyft or your staff? Can you partner with a neighbouring restaurant to harness their delivery service?

    As the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention. There may, in fact, be little you can do depending on your circumstances, but just because the answer isn’t obvious, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Harness the collective intelligence of your staff and see if there are ANY actions you can take to mitigate the impact of COVID-19on your business.

    As always, your Chamber of Commerce remains committed to helping the business community.  Please feel free to reach out to us for links to sources of credible information regarding COVID-19, links to resources, and/or to share your concerns and best practices.  

    Our Official Statement - March 13th

    We are closely monitoring the ongoing conditions of the COVID-19 virus and associated economic impact and we take the health and safety of our members seriously. At the time of posting this statement, the Public Health Agency of Canada has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as low for Canada, with continued reassessment as new information becomes available.

    Regardless of external events that arise, it is best to be proactive and have a plan. We have compiled the following resources and links to support your business planning.


    Be informed with the most current information on COVID-19 please visit:


    Whether it is a public health issue, natural disaster, or other emergencies, it is important to be prepared and ensure you have an up-to-date business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Here are some other resources to assist you in your planning.



    Templates and Tools

    Government of Canada COVID-19 Information Service

    New West Events

    We continue to welcome guests to our events. However, based on the recommendations from health officials, please do not attend events if you are feeling sick or have recently returned from an affected area. In addition, consider not attending if you have underlying health conditions that may be impacted by a respiratory illness. Current event status.

  • 8 Mar 2019 3:43 PM | Anonymous

    Hey New West! Spring break is in a handful of sleeps. What do you have planned for March 18th to 29th?

    Kids everywhere rejoice over the blank calendar over spring break, only to develop cases of cabin fever at home. This is the week parents have to add restless kids to their schedule of getting their regular errands done. Plans to fill their calendar? We’ve got some ideas.

    We chatted with our neighborhood businesses and gathered a handful of activity inspirations for you. Explore, below (and don’t forget to tag us in your photos for a share!)

    For the creative Kids:

    There will be two weeks of exciting, creative fun at Anvil Centre and Irving House this March!

    Week 1 (March 18 – 22)

    The Anvil Centre is running Creative Sparks, a full-day, full-week camp for kids ages 4 to 12. The Anvil Centre Arts and Heritage programs focus on skill-building and creative expression.

    Children rotate through classes taught by dedicated professionals within their fields. These trained instructors encourage and support process and inquiry based learning through material manipulation and experimentation, guided projects and play. Classes include Theatre Basics, Drawing & Cartooning, Creative Movement, and Printmaking.

    The New Westminster Museum and Archives and the New Media Gallery will also be providing tours and accompanying activities!

    For kids 12 to 14, New Westminster’s historic Irving House has workshops on Traditional Hand Sewing Made Easy. All growing kids should learn skills to extend the life of their clothes!

    Week 2 (March 25 – 29)

    The second week opens up more choices for families as they showcase an exciting variety of morning and afternoon day camps. Theatre, music, painting, drawing, game coding and cartooning camps are available for a range of ages.

    At Irving House there will be two more fantastic heritage-themed camps available for children 5 to 8 years:  Crafts from Around the World and Spring Garden Crafts.

    For more information call: 604-527-4640 or click here for their Spring Break Brochure and here to register online.

    FOr active Kids and Performers:

    Run away and join the circus with high flying Aerial Silks, beyond bouncy Trampolines, gloriously goofy Juggling Props, and more! These unique day camps at the Vancouver Circus School are geared towards youth ages 6 to 16, and welcome all fitness levels and abilities.

    Throughout the camp, students learn and develop skills rehearsing for the Big Show at the end of the week. Parents, family and friends are invited to share in the achievements of all their little daredevils, acrobats, and little aerialists as they showcase their week of fun and adventure at the circus!

    Plus, if you register one child, you receive 20% off all additional children! For scheduling, pricing, and registration, click here!

    FOr Kids who like to work with their hands:

    The River Market offers the future Etsy store owner their first step into the basics of soap making! Drop-in days available 5 times a week.

    If your kid prefers detailed work with a brush, there are also ceramic painting classes like Painted Pots & Polka Dots with Pottery Works, or Faerie Door Painting with The Wylde Wood Collective.

    For kids who like a mental challenge:

    Even if they’re not a future software developer, Code Club offers a fun and interactive way for children to build valuable life skills such as logical thinking, teamwork and collaboration skills. Their biweekly classes engaging kids in learning more about the technology they use every day!

    If you don’t really want your kids sitting in front of a screen more than they already do, consider the Board Game Meetup. This is a free all-ages meetup, not a class, but there will be people happy to teach!

    For kids who want to do something different every day:

    The City of New Westminster’s Spring Break Brochure shares some one-of programs all throughout the week, including CPR/AED Training, Dance, Sports, Cooking, and Wrestling classes.  Their brochure also includes other weeklong camps, such as Babysitter Training, Video Game Design, Drones, Illusions and Magic, and Art classes.

    FOr adults?

    You deserve a break too:

    Open Mic Night at Judge Begbie’s Tavern. Stop by for some drinks, appies, and entertainment!

    If comedy is more up your alley, check out Lafflines Comedy Club for their upcoming shows here.

    If you feel like treating yourself, El Santo is having a Chef’s Table Dinner. To reserve your spot for this special six course dinner, click here. If not, they have happy hour specials every day of the week!

    Check out rest of Downtown New West’s activities on their calendar here.


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