Our Mission

Belonging to the Chamber is simply good business

The New Westminster Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization established to promote civic, commercial and industrial progress in the community we serve, and to work for sound legislation and efficient administration of the community at all levels of government.

We provide an avenue for business people in the community to create a positive business environment. We also provide the local business sector with a vehicle to promote our community to the outside the world – either for tourism or business investment purposes.

The Chamber provides opportunity for those people who create local jobs and drive the local economy, to work with government and the public to build an even better community.

Our provincial Chamber acts as an umbrella organization to lobby the provincial government on issues of mutual concern to all Chambers in the province, and the Canadian Chamber serves a similar role at the national level.

The Chamber speaks for the business community at public hearings, to the media, and behind closed doors. It is the recognized voice of business in New Westminster.

When a business joins the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce it can learn about rising issues with the government that affect business and add their voice to the Chamber’s efforts to address those issues. Equally important is that the Chamber can then support the business person on the issues that affect his or her business.

When a business joins the Chamber, it helps make the community – and the business – healthy and prosperous.

Belonging to the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is simply good business.

Our Mission

The New West Chamber works to inspire, support and connect local organizations, entrepreneurs and professionals to help them reach their full potential. We strive to be the catalyst for a strong and vibrant economy that enhances the quality of our community.

Networking opportunities

The Chamber has an exciting calendar of professional and social events to support business networking.

Member benefits & discounts

The Chamber has a flexible approach to how it supports members in different situations.

Business support & advice

We are well-placed to assist members in finding relevant business information, support and advice

Lobbying & influence

The Chamber is a member of the Canadian & BC Chambers of commerce adding our voice to businesses across Canada.